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She’s on the Money empowers women to take control of their financial futures and to get money savvy, but in a way that doesn't make you want to hit snoozeville. We get it... finance can be boring, so we run engaging events, online workshops and courses with the best experts in the industry to breakdown and demystify ‘financial jargon’ on a range of topics from investing, pensions, debt, budgeting and more.

Still today, there is still a massive financial gap when it comes to women and their salary, pension and investments. This has a massive impact on a women's future. We are passionate about educating women so they can control life on their own terms.


Learn the basics of investing with bubbles! Our experts from Rathbones, Vanguard,Wealthsimple, Ethex and The House Crowd as they break it all down

25 JUL | Rathbones, London

Do you know how much is in your pension or what it is being invested into?  Then join us and our panel of experts.

This event is in partnership with the Financial Times

3 SEP | Financial Times, London


"10 LinkedIn Secrets Revealed | Get the job and money you deserve"

30 JAN  2020


Express CV Makeover

Does your CV need a bit of a makeover? This session is run in partnership with City CV, and we will be breaking down: 

• CV evolution - how AI and algorithms can make or break your career (and how to beat the CV robots)

• Soft skills to avoid in your CV - how to show, not tell

• Three essential items in every bullet point

• The competencies you must include

• Being 'smart' - how to sell yourself every step of the way

• Avoid the formatting errors that guarantee rejection from most CV screening systems

• The two mistakes that 97% of hirers will reject your CV for

• Live Q&A session at the end



If you feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to getting on top of your finances and not sure where to start? Then join us for our very first 6 week money makeover boot camp where we will be getting your finances into gear! We have Lisa Conway-Hughes as our money makeover coach as well as some other special experts.  

Week 1 -  Money mindset 

Week 2 -  Budgeting, debt and saving

Week 3 -  Investing 101  

Week 4 -  Pension and salary negotiation

Week 5 -   Tax, insurance and more 

Week 6 -  Growing your wealth 



Leanna, 36, London

Sheza, 30, London

 Vidi, 40, London

"Molly's events are excellent as she turns quite a dry subject into a fun learning environment, plus the energy in the room is electric.  The speakers do not assume any knowledge and cover a wide range of important topics to help empower women with finances.  I really like that I have a few actions after each event.  Since Molly's events, I have reviewed and changed my insurances, set-up a stocks & shares ISA, and found an accountability buddy - all over a glass of Prosseco.  And on top of this, I actually look forward to the events." 

Leanna, 36, London

"I went along to the event and had a blast! I do have some spare money I can invest each month and I was feeling like it was pointless before the event and I feel quite inspired now"

Julie, 30, London

"Thanks very much for the fantastic event last night! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the world of investing."   

When you thought you had a grip on your finances then find out your money has actually been losing value... Such an insightful evening from She's on the Money explaining finance in a real, understandable way

Sheza, 30, London

Thank you so much for hosting these events. I've been to a few now and learned so much. It's a shame that we're not taught how to manage our money in school. I'm pleased to tell you that I've been taking control of my finances.  It wasn't easy but I'm determined to be financially fearless. I've been investing for the past few months, which I never thought I would do. Knowledge is power! God bless you!"

"Thank you for running these financial events, I am so much more in control of my finances because of you!" "

Theresea, 28, London

Emma, 32, London


She’s on the Money Founder, Molly Benjamin and leading financial planner Lisa Conway-Hughes aka Miss Lolly interview guests on a range of personal finance topics using jargon-free language helping listeners to understand the world of money and how they can take control of their financial futures!

From investing, tax, debt, pensions, money mindset, property we will answer the questions you feel you should know the answers to or are just too scared to ask!

I started She's on the Money, because my girlfriends and I found managing our personal finances really confusing and we didn't know where to go to find the right information. Investing, pensions, ISA (wtf) budgeting it just made me want to switch off and cry! So I started running events to help fill the void. There's still a massive #knowledge gap when it comes to women and personal finance and on average we are still losing out when it comes to salary, investing, pensions, debt and more. 

But money means power so we can't literally AFFORD to ignore this problem anymore.  If you cringe when you think about checking your bank account on a Sunday morning or if you’re not sure how much is in your pension then no need to stress, you are not alone. We are your tribe! Join us for an event , workshop or course and let's get financially fearless together.

Hi there ladies

Molly xxx



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